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Allen and Leann met at a singles dance. Their story is intersting. Allen asked Leann to go out on a date and she was a cautious lady so she told him she would go out with him if he passed a background check. She had learned that this was a great way to weed out scary people. His response surprised her. He asked her if she worked in law enforcement and she replied that no, she worked at Utah Valley University in the Criminal Justice Department and her boss is a retired DEA Agent. Allen asked her, her what her boss' name was. She replied, "Curtis Fillmore". Allen then said, "Oh, I know him. We bought and sold a lot of dope together." He then clarified by telling Leann that he was a retired State Undercover Narcotics Agent and he and Curtis had worked some cases together. He told Leann to be sure and ask Curtis for a recommendation while she was completing his background check. He gave her his card.

Leann went to work the following Monday and started the background check. Everything was coming up fine. Her boss came into her office and she told him she met a guy he knew named, "Allen Larsen". Curtis said, "Oh yeah, I remember him. We bought and sold a lot of dope together." Curtis then went on to recommend him and stated that Allen has a lot of integrity. This was enough for Leann, she called Allen and they started talking. From the very beginning they were comfortable with each other and could talk about anything. They were married on October 2, 2009 in the Oquirrah Mountain LDS Temple. They have four children and six grandchildren.